Mini Bhakharwadi

Mini Bhakarwadis are the mini-version of the hugely popular and traditional spicy Maharastrian snack, the Bhakarwadi. The flour based circular pieces of dough are stuffed with a mixture of roasted poppy seeds and deep fried to a crispy finish. It requires quite some effort but can be stored for weeks and enjoyed every time till it lasts.

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Weight: 0.2Kg


Nutritional Details

Mini Bhakarwadi chaat

Mini Bhakarwadi: 1 cup, Mixed Sprouts: 1/2 cup, Salt: 1 tsp , Whisked yogurt: 1/2 cup, Potatoes boiled, peeled & chopped: 2 medium, Onion peeled & chopped: 1 large, Tomato finely chopped: 1 large, Green Chutney or sandwich chutney: 1/2 cup, Sweet chutney or imli-gud chutney: 1/2 cup , Chaat Masala: 1 tsp, Red Chilli powder: 1/2 tsp, Cumin Powder: 1 tsp, Nylon Sev: 1/4 cup, Lemon juice: Juice of 1 lemon, Coriander leaves: A few springs,
Wash the sprouts well and cook them in 1 and 1/2 cup salted water only for 2-3 minutes. Drain the water and set it aside.
Whisk the yogurt and set it to chill for just 30 minutes. In the meantime, to prepare the chaat arrange the bhakarwadis in a large plate and top it with alternate layers of sprouts, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and chilled yogurt.
Mix the green chutney, sweet chutney and the lemon juice. Sprinkle the chaat masala, red chilli powder, and cumin powder and nylon sev.
Garnish with coriander leaves and serve immediately.

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